IF WE HAD KNOWN – Beyond the Cradle 1 – eSpec Books


It’s official, I made the cut! This is the little story that could. Born in an exercise at the Writers of the Future workshop where authors are given 24 hours to write a complete story that must include a random object and other elements, The Janus Choice actually changed very little over time. Except for the ending, as I was never really satisfied by it. (There was a point where I actually put the story on a micro-SD card and froze that in my freezer. I literally put it on ice since I couldn’t come up with an ending that satisfied me.) The final result is definitely dark and it certainly fits the theme of the anthology. The Janus Choice explores alien decisions that are difficult to comprehend as a human and the sad nature of humanity to focus on its goals while ignoring the consequences.

That means in May, I will have a story in IF WE HAD KNOWN and TV GODS -SUMMER PROGRAMMING, an anthology that I am also one of the editors for, put out by Fortress Publishing. Both books will launch at Balticon 51.

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