Works Released into the Wild

This is a catch-up post to cover new anthologies and collections of my stories:

Trail of Indescretion Special Edition #2 Diversiforms, debuted at Confluence, July 2016. Contains five of my short stories in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Military Science Fiction, Alternate History and Steampunk. First thing ever that is solely composed of my material. Five stories for $5. Contact me at for copies.

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Two out of four Fortress team members say it tastes great








Gaslight and Grimm – launched at Balticon 50, May 2016, by eSpec Books – a steampunk faerie tale collection. Contains my story “the Walking House” based on the Russian faerie tales about Baba Yaga. ¬†Available wherever fine books are sold and via eSpec Books.












Dogs of War – Reissued by eSpec Books, relaunched at Balticon 50, May 2016 – military science fiction featuring man’s animal assistants at war. Contains my story “Covert Strike” in the Out Rim/In Rim universe, where an Insystem operative investigates a mysterious hollowed out asteroid with the help of his trained and augmented hawk.¬†Available wherever fine books are sold and via eSpec Books.











Upcoming releases :

Man and Machine – Defending the Future, from eSpec Books. Military Science Fiction containing my story “Armistice” set in the Out Rim/In Rim universe. Scheduled for release at Philcon in November.

Beyond the Cradle – If We had Known, from eSpec Books. Hard Science fiction containing my story “The Janus Choice”. Scheduled for release in 2017.

The Kassandra Leyden Adventures, from eSpec Books. A collection of my Kassandra Leyden stories, coming soon.


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